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Expect notable results in just 45 minutes!

Sculpt your eyebrows with the latest trend in brow enhancement. Create the perfect brows, shape and set hairs into place with brow lamination in Fishponds, Bristol.

Also known as fluffy eyebrows, this treatment is a new non-invasive brow treatment taking the beauty industry by storm. Laminated brows will give you lifted, perfectly placed shiny, feathery, and smooth eyebrows for up to 6+weeks. Suitable for all hair types and shapes, the treatment takes up to 45 minutes.

Brow lamination is a 3-step brow perming treatment that corrects and lifts the brow shape and sets the hairs into place using a chemical solution. The treatment is finished with a tinting step to add definition and impact.

No matter what your brow concern is gaps, thinning, unruliness, patchy or uneven shape, eyebrow lamination is a quick solution to creating beautiful brows and a great alternative to microblading. If you are losing brow hair, either through the natural aging process, illness, or just over-waxing, this is a noninvasive, temporary, but impactful way to enhance the look of your natural brows. A semi-permanent treatment, laminated eyebrows is a good fit if you want to keep your brows styled without the use of brow gels each day.

Get perfectly-groomed and fuller brows today!

Want fluffy, thicker, dramatically bold eyebrows ?

Brow Lamination in Bristol

Book Your Complimentary Patch Test + Consult

Patch Test & Consult 

We start out with a consultation to talk through your brow goals and work out a solution that you will love. Leave 24 hours between test and treatment.

Relax the Brow Hair
We’ll start the processing by relaxing and stretching the hairs ready for setting.

Laminate the Brow Hair
We’ll style the hairs into position and apply a setting lotion finalise the style. We’ll incorporate the Elleebana ‘Re-Gen – Next Gen’ hair protection treatment into the setting lotion. 

Custom Eyebrow Tint
We’ll create a bespoke profusion brow colour tint totally unique for you. 

Finishing touches
We’ll comb and style your brows into a perfect style and teach you how to style them so you look great everyday.

We know you are looking for eyebrows that really frame your face and add something special to your look. The best way to achieve this is by making your brows are laminated to best practice standards. This is why we take all the below steps to create the bold brow look you will love. 

The Brow Lamination Process

Elleebana’s Elleeplex ProFusion System is the latest innovation of technology for the lamination of brows.

Long lasting brow lamination results
Very gentle and forgiving on the facial hair
Vegan formulation & cruelty free
Dual Brow and Lash Lamination System
Reduced chances of over processing
Soft and gentle regrowth phase
Thioglycolate free

Elleebana Brow Lamination 

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Want to speak to me?

Hi, I'm Donna, I’m a qualified Hair and Make-up Artist, with 20 years years of experience in the beauty industry. I’m proud to offer top-quality eyebrow lamination in Bristol using the best vegan brow lamination products on the market. I offer both lash lift and brow lamination services in Fishponds.

I am a certified Elleebana eyebrow and eyelash lamination artist and fully insured. Elleebana is a world-leading creator and trainer of lash and brow enhancement products and services.

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 Luxury Brow Lamination & Tint 

Combo service
Luxury Brow  Lamination & Lash Lift with Tint 90mins

We use the premium Elleebana Elleeplex ProFusion Lamination System.

Incorporates the ‘Re-Gen – Next Gen’ protection treatment, which boosts hydration and strength in the hair to achieve optimal results and health. This innovative system is a plant based alternative and is vegan and cruelty free.

What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

I saw Donna for Brow and eyelash lamination, not only was she incredibly welcoming but knowledgeable and took her time to tell me what she was doing and the results were amazing, totally surpassed my expectations





Eyelash Lift and Eyebrow Lamination

If you are looking for a standout look, why not try both lash lift and brow lamination? 

Make double the impact with just one appointment.

find out more about Lash lift  >


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