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Like what you see here?

Fancy yourself a hair and make-up whizz? Got some photos of your work that’ll wow me? Happy to go that extra mile to make the customer’s day?

Then don’t be shy! Get in touch! I’m always looking for hot new talent to work with me. If you’re an established make-up artist and hairstylist who knows what you’re doing I want to meet you. 

If you’re still studying and are interested in assistant work, get in touch too. I’m always after friendly, fresh faces who want to learn. Especially in the summer when we’re super busy. 

Is friendly and lovely to be around

Can be calm under pressure

Possesses a natural flair in hair and/or make-up

Always keepS it professional 

Has a kit to be proud oF, that contains only the highest quality products

Please send us your portfolio and a couple of references to: 
or call Donna on 07732 690370

In a prospective assistant, I’m after someone who...

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