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New Year


Ageless Beauty Makeup Masterclass in Bristol

Welcome to a transformative journey into the art of ageless beauty.

Our 'New Year New You Ageless Beauty Masterclass' in Bristol is designed for those who want to refresh their makeup routine for the 40+

Discover how to apply makeup that enhances, not ages, your skin.

Why Ageless Beauty Matters

As we age, our skin changes, and so should our makeup. Are you struggling with makeup settling into lines or losing its glow? It's time to adapt your approach. Feeling lost, over whelmed and is your make-up application a chore?

This masterclass offers the perfect solution for your maturing skin
focusing on make-up techniques to create a youthful and vibrant look.

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Purchase voucher now

Embracing Ageless Beauty in Bristol

What You Will Learn

Our expert-led masterclass covers:

Modern Techniques for the 40+: Tailored methods to complement your skin

Foundation for a Youthful Glow: Choosing and applying foundation to rejuvenate your look.

Lips and Lashes: Making them fuller and more defined

Eyes That Stand Out: Techniques to enhance and awaken your eyes

Light, Crease-Free Application: Ensuring your makeup feels light and stays flawless

Skin Prep for Lasting Beauty: Preparing your skin for long-lasting effects

This class costs £75 and it covers 2 hours. It is for a maximum of 6 people. 

Led by a seasoned pro-makeup artist with 27 years of experience, you'll learn from a professional who has mastered the art of makeup for all skin types and textures.

Ageing gracefully doesn't have to be daunting; it's about evolving your beauty routine.

Expertise behind the class

Transforming Your
Makeup Routine

This masterclass goes beyond just techniques; it's about reinventing your makeup routine to suit your evolving skin.

You'll leave with the confidence to face the world knowing your makeup is working for you, not against you.

Booking Information
Ready to redefine your beauty routine?
Join us in Bristol - BS16 2AA for this exclusive masterclass. 

Click the button below to get started on your new makeup routine today! 

Agesless Beauty
Makeup Masterclass FAQs

What unique techniques will I learn in this makeup masterclass?

In our Ageless Beauty Makeup Masterclass, we focus on specialised techniques designed for enhancing ageing skin.

You'll discover innovative ways to apply foundation for radiant skin, define lips and eyes for a striking yet natural look, and select makeup that beautifully complements and elevates your features, ensuring a sophisticated and refreshed appearance.

How does a makeup masterclass differ from a makeup tutorial?

Unlike standard makeup tutorials, our masterclass offers a hands-on, personalised experience.

You get the unique opportunity to interact with a pro-makeup artist, receive tailored advice, and practise under expert guidance.

This interactive and immersive approach ensures you gain practical skills and confidence in your makeup application.

Should I have any makeup skills before attending the masterclass?

Our masterclass welcomes individuals of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or someone with considerable makeup experience, our masterclass is structured to provide valuable learning for everyone.

We tailor our guidance to meet your individual needs and skill level, ensuring a rewarding experience for all participants.

Who should attend our makeup masterclasses?

Our Ageless Beauty Makeup Masterclass is specifically tailored to address the unique makeup requirements and challenges faced by those over 40.

We focus on techniques that enhance natural beauty while addressing concerns like fine lines, changing skin texture, and the need for more nuanced makeup application. It's an ideal learning environment for embracing and enhancing mature beauty.

How can attending this masterclass enhance my daily makeup routine?

By attending our masterclass, you'll gain insights into the most effective makeup techniques for mature skin, helping you to refine your daily routine.

You'll learn how to choose products and apply makeup that complements your age, lifestyle, and skin type, transforming your daily makeup routine into an empowering and enjoyable ritual.

Are there any specific items I should bring to enhance my learning experience?

While we provide all essential makeup and tools, bringing your favourite products can enhance your learning experience.

This way, you can learn how to optimise the use of products you already own, integrating new techniques seamlessly into your existing routine.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a makeup masterclass?

No specific preparation is needed for our Ageless Beauty Makeup Masterclass.

We recommend coming with a clean, moisturised face to make the most of the hands-on makeup application session. If you have any specific skincare or makeup products you usually use, feel free to bring them along to receive personalised advice on their use.

My make-up bag is out of date and limited, can you help with this? 

If you get in touch with us before the class, we would be delighted to help you to pick
out the right products to help you to make the most of our masterclass. Kits are also available to purchase. 

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