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I use the best coverage camouflage make-up products on the market to make your ink or skin blemish temporarily disappear completely. 


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A lot of us have tattoos that we love but aren’t quite appropriate for our wedding day or a professional film shoot. 



Do you need you hide a tattoo or skin blemish for a special event?

Beauty Angels can make it disappear, yes it will be completely hidden!

I can create a coverage to match your skin tone that blocks out your tattoo that is waterproof, transfer resistant and extremely long wearing that will last all day. 

Hiding a tattoo well requires skill, experience and a lot of product. I have the ability to camouflage your tattoo or skin blemish completely using makeup. It's a temporary cover up that lasts all day and won't rub off on your clothes. My technique and makeup formulas promise for serious staying power. You won't need to worry that your tattoo will be seen through the makeup and will look like your skin!

Airbrush 24hr+ staying power
£5 per square inch 
Prices start from £30


Application technique using airbrush for a flawless skin like coverage. 

High quality long wearing formulas.

Tattoo Cover-up CONSULT-£25

be colour matched, try out a small area and discuss how to prepare for your treatment

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