How to Avoid Bridal Hair and Make-up Regrets

December 18, 2018

With all that wedding planning bridal hair and make-up can fall by the way side. After all what could go wrong?

Glad you asked, here I share some things that you don’t want to regret and how to avoid them.


  • No trial – this always makes my knees wobble. Leaving it until the day without a practice could prove to be a disaster for you and your stylist. Things always change a bit on the day, and making big decisions about hair and make-up could tip you over the edge. I encourage you to invest, you won’t regret it.


  • DIY – wonky eyeliner and looking like you do everyday. Hire a professional hair and make-up artist to create a polished bridal finish and to take the stress out of it.


“I ended up applying my makeup

in the same way I do every day”

  • Fake tan disasters – Patchy dark hards and tan stained gowns! If you are going for a sun kissed look a trial run is essential. Wear something white, photograph yourself to make sure you are happy with the depth of colour and check your clothes for stains. Ideally wear it to your make-up trial.


  • Got my mate to do it – this could get awkward if things don’t go well. Hiring a expert means you get a professional service, and your make-up artist is trained in how to layer the make-up so it lasts all day and looks good in photos. They have specialist skills honed from years of practice working on lots of different faces and an expensive kit.  Let your mate enjoy themselves. 


Make-up artist wedding day

Photo credit Matt Edwards Photography


  • Skipped a skincare regime – I see this a lot. Stress and disrupted sleep leading up to the day could play havoc with your skin. You want to look on the outside how you feel on the inside (radiant, happy, glorious). At the very least I recommend a basic daily routine morning and night, and if you can use targeted treatments like serums, masks and exfoliant to deliver exceptional results.


  • My hair style fell out – Your dream hair may not work so well for many reasons, it’s your hair stylist job to make sure you get the right advice before the day. After your trial wear your hair all day to see how it lasts.


“Your photos last a lifetime”


  • Waxing or threading facial hair the day before, big no no. Give your skin time to settle, at least 5 days, in case of scabs, redness or marks.


  • Slow hairdresser. A bridal specialist will understand the importance of running to schedule.  Get them to come to you hire a mobile service, they are used to working on location. You can all relax and put your slippers on!


Bridal hair stylist at work

Photo credit Elliot Patching Photography

If you are set on doing your own make-up I run bridal make-up classes to perfect your look so you are camera ready all day. 

I offer personalised bridal styling at your location, find out what its like to work with me.

Skincare is my thing, my go to skincare range is Image. Contact me for a free consultation. 

love Donna x



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